Set Your Focus


Your mental state has one of the greatest impacts on your every day performance. Whether it’s at work or in the gym, the wrong mindset or focus can be the only thing between you and your goal. Correcting your mentality can be a challenging task if only because stopping to take the time to change it often seems daunting.

It doesn’t have to be tough though, just a little focus and time can make a difference for you. Take advantage and improve your day inĀ five minutes. We’re going to set you in the right direction together.


  1. Start by finding quiet anyway you can. If it’s putting in headphones with lyrics less music to drown out the office, do it.
  2. Take one minute and only one minute to decide what you want to accomplish in the next hour.
  3. Write down on a piece of paper only those tasks that will move you closer to that goal.
  4. Picture yourself executing each of those tasks without distraction and doing them perfectly. Breath deeply and smile as you do this.
  5. Remove your headphones and go back to your desk. Keep your list in front of you and cross off each item until your goal is completed.


That’s it. A simple, easy way to get your mind back on track and put you in the right mindset. You’ll find that your tasks will move seamlessly and effortlessly as you finish exactly what you were hoping. You’ll be jumping for joy in no time!

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