Camille Leblanc-BazinetI’ve been training with Shane for the last three months, not only has my technique improved but my mental capacity and my numbers have changed drastically. I know how to attack almost every distance in different environments, I’ve PR’d all of my distances, and I’m really proud of my 2km row that I’ve improved by 16 seconds. I can now hang with the tall girls. Shane is a really good coach, really good guy, and he always has great hair. ~ Camille Leblanc-Bazinet






I have been in the rowing club for over three months now and I have seen improvements in many different aspects. Rowing; although it may be thought of as pure cardiovascular training has helped correct postural unawareness that I have had. Shane’s coaching has helped me transition myself to mentally prepare for other CrossFit workouts and obstacles that occur during training. As a runner, I really enjoy rowing and the new challenges that we are faced with each week, and it has even helped with my running speed.

~ Stacy Edwards


Shane’s rowing seminar was delivered in a professional, engaging and entertaining manner. He was able to breakdown the complexity of rowing technique into simple manageable pieces. The seminar was sprinkled with hands on rowing technique, workouts and question and answer sessions that allowed everyone to really grasp and apply the concepts. We had nothing but hugely positive feedback from our clients. Shane, you made CrossFit Léman look great. Thank you.

~ Euan Robertson