The Greatest Shave Ever?

I like mens style, grooming, and chivalrous techniques. I also love a good laugh and perfect comedic timing. This video has both.

The team over at Dollar Shave Club can expect to start shipping razors to my door with the way they set themselves up. A no bs company that just makes good razors without any frills.

I love when I have the time to give myself a straight razor shave, but let’s be honest I don’t have that much time every day to go through the ritual. So on the days between those shaves I use my expensive disposable blade razors. They do a great job, but now that the Dollar Shave guys have offered a solution to the ridiculousness of paying as much as we do for replacement razors, I’m in.

I’m ordering my first razor and we’ll see how it goes. Gentlemen, I’ll fill you in on the nuances of their razors soon. And as enlightened customer #167 on their website states, “I save $100/yr on shaving now. I’m basically a genius.” If these blades turn out to be as good as the video makes them out to be, I’ll be Einstein by the end of the March.




3/8/12: Placed an order for their 4 blade/$6 a month razors. They report it should ship within 3 – 4 days. More to come soon. In the meantime, you may want to try it for yourself.

3/16/12: 6 business days after I placed my order (2 days late from the promised shipment date) I received this email:

My first response: “Bummer, I was depending on those razors for my next shave. At least they’re good enough to admit what happened.”

My second response: I checked their website to look at the statement I’m sure they’ve released to let people know that they won’t be getting what they’re buying in the 3 – 4 days but I didn’t find anything. So the way it looks right now, they’re not letting you know until you’ve already purchased which I think is a bit of a mistake. So if you were excited to pick up your new Dollar Shave Club¬†membership soon, I’d be waiting till the end of May to ensure you get what you’re paying for.


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